Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Wozzek - A. Berg's Expressionist's Opera


....Wozzeck takes Marie into the woods where he kisses her and then kills her with his knife.

Scene 3. A Low Tavern -
He gets drunk in the tavern and flirts with Margret, who sees the blood on his hand.

Scene 4. Forest Path by a Pool-
Wozzeck returns to the murder scene to collect the knife and plans to throw it in the lake. Afraid that he has not hidden it well enough, he wades to the lake and drowns. Hearing him drowning, the doctor and captain come to the scene, and hurry away without lifting a finger.

Scene 5. Street before Marie's Door-
A group of children go off to see Marie's corpse. Her son, who has been riding his hobby horse, rides off after them, too young to understand the implication of his mother's death.

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