Friday, January 21, 2011

Number 1 Songs - and the future of music - the final class of the semester :(

Billboard is a weekly American magazine devoted to the music industry, and is one of the oldest trade magazines in the world. It maintains several internationally recognized music charts[specify] that track the most popular songs and albums in various categories on a weekly basis. The two most notable charts are the Billboard Hot 100, which ranks the top 100 songs regardless of genre and is based on physical sales, digital sales and radio airplay. Meanwhile, the Billboard 200 survey is the corresponding chart for album sales.

Let's take a look at four decades of #1's Compare and Contrast - - Hmmm

#1 Song January 2011 (So Far...)

#1 Song January 2001

#1 Song January 1991

#1 Song January 1981

#1 Song January 1971

Well - what do you think?

Music App Class:

It has been real. This is it for a semester of the Blogodome. Be sure to stay tuned for another rousing semester starting on Monday 1/24/2011.

Mr. C

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